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Exactly why NBA 2K is raising their prices and they will eliminate it

Exactly why NBA 2K is NBA 2K21 MT Coins raising their prices and they will eliminate it

The reason we're visiting 2K do it first is because they have NBA 2K that appeals to those out of the hardcore games industry and that's the exact same reason they will get away with it. I've seen many are saying that they will boycott NBA 2K, it won't make a difference. The people who are purchasing NBA 2K probably don't understand its going to become more expensive on next gen plus they probably don't care. Most of them don't understand how egregious and uncontrolled trades are. It's only a matter of time before others do exactly the same. I believe games need to increase their costs, to be clear, I don't think NBA 2K ought to be the one. Let me know what you guys think!

I wouldn't have had a issue with them increasing their prices if the ps5 copy was backward compatible with PS4, that is my only problem with the whole thing. They've crunched numbers and have estimated that they'll make the most money this way. It's not user friendly and shitty. But companies value money over consumer good will. Costs have become during this creation in most countries. America is the final holdout. Not true. Prices have held stable in EB Games here in Australia, but at every other store video games have gotten cheaper. $80-$90 was the cheapest you can find a new release for, but these days you'll be able to grab each AAA brand new release at $70 on launching day.

It will be interesting what EA do games FIFA, because its hugely popular. I believe that they would get a whole lot more backlash than 2K if they took a course that is similar with FIFA. However, I do agree with your point that the non-hardcore games could get away with more. We see that in relation to microtransactions and in-game money. EA attempted something similar by limiting free gen updates of Madden to the year's close and people were upset. I think that they would have been the first to raise their prices had they never gotten backlash for micro transactions in the past.

2K will eliminate it. Gotta realize, NBA 2K is one of the franchises that individuals who don't play video games, purchase. Many people play with it the entire year until the next version and just buy 2K and will buy a console. I believe"who must begin increasing prices" is a moot argument. It is going to occur, and chances are, they will happen all at once. 2K is the very first one to show their hand. People would be just as crazy if it was.

I don't have an problem with 2K doing this. I really don't think it mattered what studio did it that they were going to get heat. I've friends who really play sports games and they did not appear to care about the price change. The people up in buy 2K21 MT arms about this are somewhat more hardcore gamers who will not actually get NBA 2K. I am also someone who does not care they they are charging again for NBA 2K on next gen because I think if you're shifting engines or anything major like that it is a brand new game and needs to be paid for.

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