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As South Park kicked off Season 25, it had Eric Cartman roasting Matt Damon and it was way worse than what Team America: World Police did.

The first episode of the animated series’ 25th season saw Cartman mocking the actor, who compared being a crypto investor to an array of milestones in human achievement in the advert before signing off by saying: “Fortune favours the brave.”

After his class loses its privilege to wear PJs on the school’s pyjamas day, Cartman says: “What does Matt Damon say in the Bitcoin commercial? ‘Fortune favours the brave!’”

Clyde then responds with: “My dad said he listened to Matt Damon and lost all his money.” Cartman counters: “Yes, everyone did! But, they were brave in doing so!”

South Park Season 25 Episode 2
South Park Season 25 Episode 2 Online
Watch South Park Season 25 Episode 2
South Park S25E2

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