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Kim Yo Jong calls on South Koreans to turn against ‘idiot’ Yoon ‘regime’

Seoul should stop following Washington, DPRK leader's sister says in latest statement brushing off sanctions threat

South Koreans should turn against their president and give up cooperation with the U.S. on sanctions against North Korea, sister of the DPRK leader Kim Yo Jong suggested in a new statement released by state media Thursday.

Kim called South Korea a U.S. “stooge” and “no more than a stray dog gnawing at a bone given by the United States,” according to the state-run Voice of Korea, echoing comments she made two days earlier calling Washington a “scared barking dog” after convening a Security Council meeting to condemn DPRK weapons tests.

Despite the vitriolic reactions to sanctions threats this week, Kim dared the two countries to “do as they please in the future” on that front, warning that such moves will only “further our hatred” for them and lead to actions that will “strangle their windpipe.”

South Korea can’t “escape the current dangerous situation” through sanctions, she added, nor continue to “live safe and comfortably” through such actions.

DPRK leader Kim Jong Un similarly dared the U.S. to keep up economic sanctions on his country for “a thousand years” in his renewed nuclear doctrine speech in September

In her statement Thursday, Kim Yo Jong appeared to call for South Koreans to turn against Yoon and put a liberal leader back in charge in order to remedy the situation.

“I don’t understand why the south Korean people remain onlookers to their ‘regime’ in which Yoon Suk Yeol and his idiots continue to create a dangerous situation,” Kim said, adding that “Seoul was not our target at least when [former President] Moon Jae In was in power.” 

In 2020 when Moon was president, Kim went as far as threatening military action against Seoul for efforts by activists to sway North Koreans against Kim Jong Un’s leadership, saying insults to her brother — the “supreme dignity” — were unacceptable. 

Kim, who is a deputy director for propaganda in the ruling Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) Central Committee, last released a tirade directed at Yoon in August saying the leadership in Pyongyang “hate Yoon Suk Yeol as a person” for offering economic aid in exchange for unilateral disarmament.  

Her latest statement came in reaction to comments by ROK foreign ministry spokesperson Lim Soo-suk on Tuesday calling North Korea’s recent missile launches “provocations” and threatening unilateral sanctions against “illicit” North Korean cyber activities if Pyongyang carries out a seventh nuclear test.

Kim reiterated Pyongyang’s stance that it exercises “our right to self-defense” through such missile launches and that Seoul should not consider them “provocations.” 

She watched the launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) designed to strike the U.S. mainland last Friday with her brother and niece, drawing condemnation from around the world but also support from the North’s top partners China and Russia.

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