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At All About U Ranch & Outfitters we enjoy fishing just as much as we do hunting.  We offer several different kinds of guided fishing trips for bass, crappie, catfish, stripers, & bow fishing.  All of the trips that we offer except one takes place in Oklahoma the other trip is stiper fishing in Alabama.  As for the striper fishing in Alabama-- it is absolutely the most outstanding striper fishing that I have ever experienced.  You can expect to catch anywhere from 75-125 stripers a day per person that will weigh from 12-35lbs.  We catch them on top waters, weighted flukes, & redfins. 

The best time to catch the stripers is from the 1st of March- mid-June.  The bass fishing we do is done on 2 different lakes in Oklahoma.  The first lake is Lake Longmire-- it is loaded with trophy size bass.  While we were crappie fishing on longmire last year we caught a 12lb 1oz bass as well as several bass in the 8lb range.  On a 2hr trip to Longmire I caught 3 fish over 7lbs and numerous 3-5lb bass last year.  The 2nd lake we fish is Tenkiller Lake in eastern Oklahoma.  We have a lake house on Tenkiller Lake and I have been fishing that lake for many years.  Most people in Oklahoma don't understand is that it is one of the best smallmouth bass fishing lakes in Oklahoma. 

Last year we took several 3-4 hours trips smallmouth fishing on Tenkilller and we caught an average of 30 small-mouths per trip.  The largest smallmouth that I have caught at Tenkiller is a 6lb 1oz.  Tenkiller is also loaded with largemouth bass.  The biggest largemouth that I have caught out of there was 8lb 9oz.  If you like to crappie fish we can fix you right up with a outstanding trip to Longmire Lake or Kerr Lake in eastern Oklahoma.  Both these lake produce very large numbers of crappie as well as very large crappie.  We recommend fishing for crappie from the 1st week in April till the middle of may this is when the crappie are up on the banks spawning and that makes for some very shallow fishing and very exciting fishing.  You can expect to limit out (33 crappie per person) usually by noon.

The one other time we recommend crappie fishing is from mid Dec.- early feb. and we do this fishing up in a creek called San Bois creek in eastern Oklahoma.  We will take 10lbs of minnows and run out of them by 3pm in the afternoon.  It is nothing to catch over 200 crappie plus in a day on San Bois creek.  The crappie fishing is no different on Lake Longmire-- expect to catch between 100-200 crappie a trip during the spring.  If you like to catch catfish on a rod and reel then we can make your arms and back sore in one day while we are catching catfish on the Arkansas River in eastern Oklahoma.  We fish below Kerr Dam with 14ft one piece rods and ambassador 7000 reels with 80lb braided line using 8 oz sinkers to catch catfish that will weigh from 5lbs to over 70lbs.  Last year we had a client that took a 2 day catfishing trip with us and at the end of the 2 days we had caught over 1200lbs of catfish on rod and reels. The biggest fish were a 72 pound blue, 65lb flathead, 62lb blue and numerous 20-40lb blues and flatheads. 

We also guide striper fishing trips on the well known and famous Lower Illinois River in eastern Oklahoma.  The Illinois river doesn't produce lots of numbers of stripers, but it sure does produce a good number of very large stripers. We catch our stripers on the Illinois with flukes, red fines, & live shad pulled on ballons.  The best time to fish for these stripers is in the dog days of summer when they are running up to the cool water out of the Arkansas River.  We also do a lot of bow fishing in the spring and summer months in eastern Oklahoma on Kerr & Tenkiller Lakes.  I prefer to shoot fish during the day instead of after dark.  We see just as many fish in the day time as we do at night and you don't have to deal with the lack of light you have at night, but we will bow fish at whatever time of day or night that you want. You can expect to see hundreds of fish and shoot till your finger cant take anymore.

Pricing of fishing trips:

Bass, Crappie, Catfish, & Striper fishing (Oklahoma)-- 1day trip includes all your tackle & bait, & cleaning of fish. 1or 2 people $350 a day. 3 people $450 a day. 4 people $550 a day. 

Striper fishing in Alabama-- 1 day trip includes all your tackle, bait, & cleaning of fish.  1 or 2 people $400.00 a day,  3 people $550.00 a day,  4 people $650.00 a day.  There is a 2 day min. on this trip. We will help you find lodging at a reasonable price close to where we will be fishing.

To book a fishing trip and fishing dates we will need a 50% deposit. We will not hold the fishing trip or fishing dates until we have received the 50% deposit for the trip. If your deposit is not received within five days of booking your trip, your booking dates will no longer be held. You can pay with check, cashiers check, money order, credit/debit card. All deposits are non refundable.

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dang that some nice fish


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