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At 1:19am on November 11, 2022, LissettePHarper said…

"The challenge of entering the tenth level from the ninth level must face a challenge, and only through it can we enter the tenth level.". Otherwise, they will be sent out of the ancient Hades Tower. The cold mechanical voice explained. What is the challenge? Tang Fan was curious. Challenge yourself. The cold mechanical voice said: "Choose the challenge, you will be sent into the virtual space, fight with the double mirror, defeat the double mirror, through the challenge, you can enter the tenth level, can not defeat the double mirror.". As a failure, send out the ancient pagoda. "Double the image!" Tang Fan was even more surprised and curious: "I choose to challenge." "Choose the challenge, the transmission begins.." Ten Nine Eight When you shout to one. Tang Fan only felt that he was wrapped up by an energy, and then, in the transformation of his eyes, he appeared in a void. The challenge begins, and a double mirror appears. Tang Fan only felt, as if something was going to appear from his own body, immediately, a virtual shadow separated from his own body, and quickly moved forward. Then it condensed dozens of meters away and quickly formed into another self. This guy is exactly the same as he is now, but it looks like. His face was expressionless, his eyes were dull and there was no sense of vitality, but Tang Fan could feel the fluctuation of his breath, which was much stronger than his own. Sure enough, it's a double mirror image, but it's twice as much as the middle nine-level peak demigod I'm showing now,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, close to the upper nine-level peak demigod. Tang Fan laughed to himself. Tang Fan was just worried that the mirror image of his double strength might reach the peak demigod of super nine levels, and even if he did not reach it, he would be more intrepid than his peak demigod of nine levels. What I didn't expect was that it was twice as strong as what I have shown now. Fortunately, it is only a double mirror image, and it is not difficult for Tang Fan to defeat it. However, before defeating the other side, Tang Fan intends to take a look at this mirror image in addition to their own double strength, there is no other difference. At the beginning of the battle, a double mirror image preempted the attack,Glass Cream Jars, and as soon as it was shot, it turned out to be the skill of death roar, which startled Tang Fan. Can it be said that it is not only twice the strength, but also all the semi-magic skills I have mastered? Tang Fan avoided the roar of death and secretly said. But this double mirror, but will not think, just start to attack, continue to attack. Death Roar Death Bound Bones Air Strike three demigod skills, take turns to display, Tang Fan found ~ ~-update the first ~ ~, this double mirror of the demigod skills to display the timing, very accurate, very amazing. Feeling, he is like a very sophisticated computer, fully open the calculation, what kind of hand, what kind of timing, how the trajectory is more suitable. Tang Fan did not fight back, Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale ,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps, but constantly dodged, he felt that this is a very good exercise opportunity, Tang Fan can also observe and learn, the release of semi-divine skills and so on, how to better play to the power. Therefore, Tang Fan did not directly crush and defeat the double mirror image with great strength, but constantly dodged, observed and learned. However, the ability to grasp the timing of the double mirror image was so strong that Tang Fan was almost hit several times. All right, I've al

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