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it has been a few weeks since our group of six got to enjoy you ranch, we have all recovered, the meat is in the freezer, and the heads are at the taxidermist!  I thought I should share some evaluations with you'll, cabins (A+), Food (A) and plentiful, Guides (A++).  As the "Old Man" of the party who had recently undergone back surgery, the extra help and courtesy shown me, since I could barely walk, was greatly appreciated.  I don't know if the rodeo cowboy who was my guide (TYE??) is a permanent member of the crew, BUT HE SHOULD BE!!  I would rank him up there with PH's I have hunted with all over this planet, at a time when I was much younger and more physically capable.  My 15 YOA nephew's comment can sum up our party's overall evaluation...."That was the best weekend of my life!!".

P.S. I have never seen anyone sprint across uneven terrain in 'FLIP FLOPS' like I did on this adventure, bravo! 

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