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if things here at the ranch had been any better we wouldnt have known what to do with ourselves

well i dont know if words could do the last week any justice, you would have just needed to have been here to experience it first hand. we had our opening of deer gun season this last weekend and it was hot,windy and the rut was on like we have never seen it before. we had a full weekend of hunters and we are very proud to say everyone got there bucks except one young lady from arkansas but she did see plenty of deer and had her opportunities to take deer but it just didnt work out, thats why its called huntn and not killn.we did kill alot of big bucks over the weekend and weekdays.all the bucks we shot were from the 130s upto almost 160s with one opportunity at what i will say would have been the new oklahoma state record not just because it was on our ranch but this deer was the biggest i have ever saw and i watched the last 2 oklahoma state record bucks be scored and this one would have swallowed either one of those but again that is why it is called huntn and not killn. we still have the rest of this week as well as weekend before rifle season is over and the rut is still kickn hard out here so there will be some more big bucks shot before it is all over with rifle.bow season will still be going strong until jan. 15 2011 and we except a few more really awsome bucks to be taken by bow hunters. dec 10th we start back up hog huntn hard and heavy on thru june and thru the summer. if u are wanting to get in on the hog huntn i wouldnt wait very long at all we are getting slammed with calls from all over the country wanting to book hog hunts and we dont have alot of dates left available so if u are considering comn huntn with us i would get ahold of us asap and get ur group on the calendar before all the dates are booked. we sure hope everyone had a fantastic thanksgiving and didnt gain to much weight and we sure look forward to huntn with yall in the near future. if there is anything we can ever do for any of yall please feel free to email us or better than that give us a call and we will do our dangdest to take care of yall.thanks james west and family

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