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Oklahoma Hog Hunting

At All About U Ranch & Outfitters our preserve hog hunts take place within a stocked high fence area on the ranch.  The hogs we stock in the preserve have either been caught in traps or by dog hunters in the state of oklahoma and are from 100lbs up to over 300lbs. Regardless of the time of year which you come it we always give our hunters the best opportunity possible to harvest the number of hogs that they pay for at our ranch.  A typical preserve hunt involves hunting over feeders or spot and stock.

We don't charge trophy fees on our hunts. What you shoot is what you get, no extra charges.   

One thing that we pride ourselves in at the ranch is our work ethic.  Our job is to make sure we do our best to help you get what you came here for. We do welcome kids and families out here at the ranch, so if you want to bring your kids and introduce them to hog hunting we would love to have a chance to take them on their first hog hunt or just their first hunt that they have ever been on.  We will be more than happy to discount our kids hog hunts for anyone who wants to bring their child with them.  If your child doesn't want to hunt we still will encourage you to bring them along on your hunt so they can go with us and experience what hunting is all about. 

Due to growing interest in doing Night Hunting we are happy to announce we will be offering these hunts. You will have the choice of hunting with your night optics or we also offer traditional dog capture hunts with our experienced guides. You have many options for weapons for these hunts as long as it is approved by the All About U Ranch staff.

Pricing of hog hunts:

If you are booking at least 3 hunters on the 1 day 1 hog hunts we supply at no additional charge: private cabin, 2 meals a day (late breakfast or early lunch & supper) plus snacks, & fishing at pond in front of cabins, transportation to and from the hunting area and recovery of your hogs.

If you have 8 or more paid hunters your group will have the entire ranch to themselves.  (If you book for 8 hunters to secure the ranch to your hunting party only and do not show up with the agreed on 8 paid hunters you will be billed for the total of 8 hunters you booked the ranch for.  You will be able to shoot the extra hogs that your party pays for.)

May 1st - Aug 31st
1day /1 hog -- 1 hog any size $300 per person. Each additional hog is $275 ( no lodging or food included unless there is 3 or more paid hunters on the 1 day 1 hog hunts)

2day/ 2night 2 hog hunt-- 2 hogs any size $600 per person.  (This hunt will include at no extra charge 2 nights only(no extra nights unless prior plans have been made with Paul or Amanda) in a private cabin with all bedding ready for you when you get here,towels,bring you own soap and shampoo, , 2 big meals a day, transportation to and from the hunting area and recovery of your hogs. Drinks, snacks and Coffee are provided.

Sep 1st -Apr 31st

1 day / 1 hog -- 1 hog any size $375per person. Each additional hog is $275; (No lodging or food included unless there is 3 or more paid hunters for the  1 hog hunts)

2 day / 2 hog hunt -- 2 hogs any size $650. Each additional hog is $275. This hunt includes 2 nights in a private cabin with all bedding ready for you, towels, bring your own soap and shampoo, 2 big meals a day, transportation to and from hunting area and recovery of your hogs. Drinks, snacks and Coffee are provided.

The high success rate of our hunts make it a wonderful way to introduce young hunters to the sport so we are happy to offer a $50 discount for each hog for hunters 18 and younger with a paid adult.

Night hunts cost $500 for first hog per hunter. $375 for additional hogs during a single night  session. Must be 3 or more hogs hunted for a session. This may be multiple hunters or a single hunter but 3 hogs must be booked for the session.

Effective as of September 2016 all hunters hunting feral swine in sporting facilities in the state of Oklahoma must have a $25.00 feral swine hunting license. To get your license you will need to go to then go to the left side of the page and click on feral swine. You will need to apply for a captive feral swine hunters license or you may call the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture at 405-522-6124. If you have any further questions about the license or licensing process please call the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture and they will be more than happy to visit with you.

Extra charges on hog hunts-- the only extra charge is for us to gut, skin, and quarter your hog for $60.00


We no longer allow any caliber of rifles smaller than a .243 bullet weights must be 95 grain and larger.  If you are shooting an AR or AK or any other semi automatic gun you can only have one round in the chamber and one in the clip no exceptions.  If you are wanting to hunt or carry a handgun you will have to pass a pistol proficiency test (3 shots free handed at 30yds in a 8 inch diameter circle) if you dont pass the test you can not carry your pistol with you on the hunt... All pistols must be at least .357 magnum and bigger to hunt.


Hunters are individuals, so if someone in your party reaches their goal, they are done hunting.  You are always welcome to purchase additional animals after your kill, as long as it is approved prior to your hunting them. After you have reached your personal goal of animals harvested you are more than welcome to go back up hunting with your party as long as you do not carry any weapons with you..

Our guides, Paul, and Amanda work extremely hard for our hunters to harvest an animal and provide you with a pleasant stay with us.  tips So any tips for their effort would be greatly appreciated.

To book a hunt and hunt dates we will need a 50% deposit. If your deposit is not received within seven days of booking your hunt, your booking dates will no longer be held. You can pay with check, money orders, cashiers check, credit/debit cards.  (All deposits are non refundable or transferrable to your hunting parties group.)

Final Payments after your hunt must be made by Credit card, Debit card, or Cash Only! We will not accept checks any longer for final payments.

Comment by Randall Eugene Cameron on November 11, 2012 at 10:35am

My son and I are looking forward to the hunt on the 13th and 14th!! Will be pulling in on the 12th, can't wait!!

Comment by Randall Eugene Cameron on November 15, 2012 at 10:17pm

My son and I just got back last night from the hog hunt. We just wanted everyone to know that we had a FANTASTic time, it was a true hunting experience. James moves heaven and earth to give you the hunt of your dreams. We were both successful in getting our hogs. We would highly recommend All About you Ranch to everyone. Thank you again James.   Randy & JR Cameron

Comment by Stan Morrison on November 16, 2012 at 3:21pm
Say HEY James - Mary and of course GUNNER We had a GREAT time this week.
Everybody tagged out with exactly what we wanted.
Brought home lots and lots of HOG MEAT
Enjoyed looking at all the other species.
Your Freinds Stan- Greg- Shawn- and Trent WE'LL BE BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment by Eddy Dowell on November 21, 2012 at 12:56pm

comment by Eddy Dowell on November 9 thur 11,2012

hey guy's this was and awsome time that my friends and myself had at the ranch your staff along as the hold party was great we truely enjoy are self.We are looking for the next hunt trip and you are number one on the list to return to  thanks and we will see you next year.Thanks again Mr ED

Comment by Jason Hochstetler on November 30, 2012 at 4:36pm

I wanted to say that we had a great time and a great hunt. We will for sure be back next year to do it again. I will recommend you guys to any one who is looking for a hog hunt. Jed was a great guide even if he did make fun of us for not knowing how to skin hogs. I hope to see you guys again soon.


Comment by Jason Hochstetler on December 2, 2012 at 9:20pm

Thanks again for such a great time. It was our first time hog hunting and we had a blast Jed did a wonderfull job as our guide and we cant wait to come see you guys again even if Jed makes fun of us and cousin Fez for not knowing how to skin hogs. I would reccomend All about U too anyone who wants a great hog hunt.

Comment by Galen Schwartz on December 6, 2012 at 9:14pm

Thanks James, Mary, Jeb & Justin for showing us a great time.  James, still can't believe you opened up your home to complete strangers the way you did.  Good food, great hunting and wonderful that I met new friends.  Jeb, like you said, "Don't worry, we'll find your hog."  I don't think a blood hound could have done a better job.  Thanks again, see ya'll next year.

Comment by Donald slifer on February 10, 2013 at 9:59pm
Thanks alot James we had a hell of a time with u guys!!!! U have one of the best if not the best hig ranch I have ever been to....Great pan cakes!!! We are looking foward in booking another hog hunt with u guys! And Gunner to keep up the good work! And your guys that work for u are great
Comment by Shannon Kennedy Barton on March 6, 2013 at 1:31pm

This is definitely a trip we will be repeating! Came down with my husband, two sons and three friends. Left with four or five new friends. The ranch and the guys are amazing, felt like home and very “in place”. Cabins & lofts were neat, CLEAN, meals were fresh prepared and delicious, hunting was a treat  - I give this ranch 5 stars! J

Never have been hunting before, I was a little nervous, Thank you to Jed, who took me out of the blind to “spot and stock”. Running thru the woods with a rifle on my back was not something I ever imagined me doing now I can’t wait to do it again. Left with my two hogs too (thanks for the help, I will return with better  aim and bigger gun) The boys LOVED hunting with the dogs and knives – they will never be satisfied with just tagging along again. Thanks you guys, this was a wonderful vaca!

Comment by Jason Brengle on May 18, 2013 at 10:42pm

Had a great hog hunt in May. Both my girls (ages 8 and 9) got hogs.  Great first hunt for kids. 8 of us harvested 15 hogs. The hogs were in great condition and all had thick fat layers plus great eat'in!  Good time and well worth the long drive from WY. Thanks guys.

Comment by Gino Hernandez on May 28, 2013 at 7:22pm

Had a great hunt, the 4 of us brought back 8 hogs. Jed and Justin made sure our hogs were taken care of when we were done and did a great job with them. Had one hog left and Justin made sure to offer every way to get that hog. Also the boys that were there to help were polite and helped us out a great deal. Cant talk about these guys enough. James has a great operation and right guys helping him out. We will be back.

Comment by Dana Reese on June 17, 2013 at 6:54pm

My wife and I hog hunted for the first time, Both got hogs and only hunted about an hour and a half, one hog was close to 300 lbs and one good raosting size. Had a great time and are planning a return trip with more friends and family.

Comment by Dale Novacek on September 29, 2013 at 2:19pm

Just wanted to thank James, Mary, Zac, Corey, "Dog", and the crew for a great time. This was our first hog hunt and it exceeded our expectations. We had an awesome time and we look forward to coming back soon! 

Dale & Brian Novacek

Omaha, NE

Comment by Carl Wickline on November 8, 2013 at 9:44am

We ended up bringing a rather large group last weekend. It was a great time to reconnect with old friends. We had a couple of days of great hunting but the outstanding level of customer service is what really stood out. I was impressed that our guide had been working since 5am and still had a smile on his face when he was cleaning hogs at 11 that night. It was a great experience. Thank you!

Comment by Jason Jones on November 23, 2013 at 11:55pm

First time hog hunt and it was absolutely amazing. Zac did a fabulous from the start to the finish. Great place already looking forward to my next trip back to the ranch for a little father/ daughter hog hunt. Thanks to the West family for a great ranch and a BIG Thanks to Zac for all the assistance and the down home feel that you provided.

Jason Jones

Peru, Ne  

Comment by Khoua Thao on December 29, 2013 at 11:28pm

My Wild Hog hunt Dec 12 & 13, 2013


The direction there:

Well…y’know how them Oky’s give direction…turn left-right-straight ahead.


The accommodation:

The three cabins appeared to be about the same design. The front part of the cabin is an open deck, an ideal place, after the hunt, to sit back and enjoy the picturesque hunting preserve and reminisce the experience or strategize the next hunt.

I’m thinking about taking my family there in the spring (the wifey might even like it).


The lounge:

Two big screen tv’s with recliners and clean floor. We were required to take our boots off entering the lounge. I can live with that (since I am with Asian background). In a way, it is a form of respect to take one’s shoes off before entering someone’s house (just in case you didn’t know). Besides, the host won’t have to unnecessarily clean after us.

continue reading (The Hunt Part I)

Comment by Khoua Thao on December 29, 2013 at 11:31pm

The hunt part I:

My parties of three arrived at the ranch around noon (after a few phone calls to get direction), checked in, and were briefed on the do’s and don’ts and ready to head out inside the preserve.  Cory took us in and dropped each of us off by the blinds.  My two buddies used rifles while I took my bow.  We were in our blinds no more than 35 minutes; my buddies took shots and informed that they each dropped their hogs.  Shortly after their shots, I could see a herd of more than a dozen hogs in the brushes among the hardwood trees but were outside of my bow range.  I was hoping for them to come to the feeder by my blind but apparently it was jammed and the corns were not broadcasted, which may have prevented the herd from considering my direction. It was getting dark so Cory informed (thru walkie-talkie) that he is to come by and pick us up. We were picked up as well as retrieved my buddies’ hogs.

Continue reading (The Hunt Part II)

Comment by Khoua Thao on December 29, 2013 at 11:32pm

The hunt part II:

Back to the cabin, changed, and went to the lounge for dinner. The dinner was delicious. I think it was pork chops…

The next day we had breakfast (I think it was pork sausage) at the lounge around 6:15AM before heading out to the preserve. My two buddies had their hogs so wanted to stay behind while I had a duty to fulfill. It was raining, cold, and windy so I decided to take my rifle instead of the bow. Conversation with the other hunters in the truck on the way out, I found that I had just met Joe the Plumber (the real one, you know who you are). It was still dark and I didn’t realize but I was dropped off at the same blind that I was in the evening before. The rain and windy condition continued until late morning. The herd must be holed up on the other side of the preserve since I did not see any hogs coming through all morning. Cory came by and informed me that James is coming to personally take me to look for the hogs. Minutes later, James came with his Polaris Ranger and picked me up heading to the other side of the preserve. He said, “Just you and the hogs now.” We parked the Ranger. I carried my rifle following James but left my backpack in the Ranger. Before long, he spotted the herd and motions his arm toward the brushes. I went after them. The wind was swirling and the herd must have smelled us. The herd headed toward the fence as I followed. At the fence, the herd split into two groups; one went left and the other right. For a split second, I had one boar on my scope. He was about 40 yards away. He was limping on his left front leg. I should have taken the shot but didn’t. I regrouped with James and headed back toward the middle of the preserve. James motioned and pointed at something moving in a dry creek bed. I took aim but he said, “Oh, it’s a ram.” Sure glad I didn’t shoot because it would have been impossible to make pork chops out of a ram.

Again, we followed the herd as they are now in full alert and running. James went ahead of the herd as to round them toward me so I will have a shot. As an ethical hunter, it would greatly trouble me to just wound an animal (even wild hogs) and therefore I have waited for an ethical shot.

Continue reading (The Hunt Part III)

Comment by Khoua Thao on December 29, 2013 at 11:36pm

The hunt part III:

I could feel that my guide was a little anxious and it is close to the time to call it in as we worked our way back to the Ranger. James suddenly spotted a hog on the side of a ravine. It was foraging in the tall grass. I positively identified it as a hog as I brought it into my Nikon scope. I remember the recommended shot placement, behind the eye and slightly below the ear, as to not spoil any good meat. I pushed the safety to FIRE with my thumb on my Ruger American and pulled the trigger. The bullet hit slightly forward, which would be the snout bone. It did not drop but trying to run away. James exclaimed, “You’ve got it!” as he ran along the cliff of the ravine toward the hog. I was stunned with my lower jaw dropped (seemed a lot lower than even Gomer Pyle’s). You are not gonna believe this but James flew through the air, like a wide receiver diving for a ball thown by Joe Namath in the Super Bowl.  He landed on top of the hog’s shoulder, wrapping his powerful arms around its neck as to prevent it from swinging its head with the razor sharp tusks. With a choke-lock hold, James with “my” hog rolled down the cliff, he on top then the hog then James down to the bottom of the ravine. The hog was squealing as James was calling to me to grab the hog’s hind legs. Still stunned and with my Gomer Pyle jaws, I put my rifle down on the bank of the ravine and tried to get a hold of the hog’s kicking hind legs.

“You got it?” He asked.

“I…I…think so…” I replied.

He said, “Do you have a knife?”

I replied, “Yeah…but…but… it’s in my backpack in the Ranger.” “I…I… will go get it.” I said.

“Do you know where the Ranger is?” He asked.

“I…think so…” I replied. (James probably thought to himself- this great hunter better be doing a lot more than “think so” because the hog’s tusks are pretty sharp.

I ran. Luckily, toward the Ranger and found it. I fumbled through my backpack and found my knife at the bottom. I took the knife and ran back to the ravine. I handed James the knife. He hesitated and looked at me as if he thought I wanted the honor. He must have read my expression on my face that my desire was that the honor be passed. He then took the knife and jabbed the knife into the hog’s heart. Right then and there, I realized I have just met Rambo, James Rambo (the real one).

To have met Joe the Plumber (the real one, you know who you are and thanks for the pickled eggs!) and James Rambo (the real one, we know who you are!) in the same day was hog heaven. Try topping that…Melisa Bachman!

Thanks James Rambo (the real one) for the awesome experience!

Comment by Tyler Jeffrey on January 30, 2014 at 10:26pm
Hey James and Mary! Never been down before but I've got a group of four guys. Including myself wanting to come down for a hunt. don't know how your scheduling system works but didn't know if you had an opening July 28th of 2014


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